With an ever expanding team at Hatter Events, nothing is left to chance! Every employee has a genuine passion for events and parties, with a constant eye on improvement. Every quote is specific to your needs and created from scratch, our chefs and planners are on hand at any time to advise and explain any aspect.

Working with many venues in Norfolk we have lots of insider knowledge about what works and where. Constantly reviewing what is in and out is our favourite way to spend a day! As the seasons change so do our offerings from catering to party design.

Events and catering is an industry where experience, knowledge, reputation and contacts compromise most if not all of your ability to deliver the perfect event for your client. There is no room to get it wrong, be late or forget any detail.

Second chances do not exist! Throughout our years in London and Europe we have built up a reputation for excellence and a vast knowledge base to allow our clients dreams come true.

Hatter Events was created with the aim of bringing all our combined experience into the market to create a new brand with the ability to cut through current event issues and provide a service that solely concentrates on our client receiving the best standards throughout.

We are based in Norfolk and surrounding counties, drawing inspiration from the sea and surrounding countryside, however still maintain a strong foothold in London using our satellite office and current contract.

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